Upcoming Projects

That’s “Billie” with an “-ie”

30 minute documentary

The gripping true story of Billie Jean King’s life outside of tennis, starting with her formative years of self-discovery, and fast forwarding to her retirement, as she comes to terms with aging as an LGBT woman in America.

status: in pre-production


Woman Alone

Full length narrative feature

A magical-realist re-imagining of 75 hours in the life of Amelia Earhart after her fateful plane crash and her spiritual awakening and metaphysical transformation on a deserted South Seas island that may be more than what it appears. Based on the unpublished short story “I, Amelia.”

status: in development


The Triangle

Narrative short

A tender story of forbidden love between three women set in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in the hours leading up to the fateful fire that changed the world.

status: in development



Full length documentary feature

A compelling and comprehensive oral history of oral histories featuring Tom Wolfe, Fran Lebowitz, Rose Styron, Lorne Michaels, Larry Kramer, Anthony Haden-Guest, Sen. John Glenn, and Tony Bennett among many others.

status: in production